Wow... never thought I would because a consultant for anything. Thought about become one for Pampered Chief but I suck at cooking. When I found out that my cousin Heather was a consultant for CTMH (Close to my Heart) and what CTMH was I thought now that is something I could do.

When I was in high school I was in a drill team called Kangarettes. At the end of the year we had to make a scrapbook of the whole year of you and your big or little sister and exchange it. Scrapbooking was just getting up and going then and didn't know much about it then.

Now I feel like I can do anything will CTMH. With all their how-to's I feel like someday I won't need their how-to's and be able to make my own with my own creative thoughts.

Here I will post my Gatherings, Workshops, and other things about my life with CTMH in it.